Kyo Production is a media production company, which the company specializes in wedding videography, wedding photography, commercial video production, family event photography, business promotional videography, product photography, documentaries, and portrait photography. For a selected list of prices, click this link here. For any further  desired information, please contact us here. We would be happy and thrilled to hear from you.

The founder, John Yang, was newly married to Tracey in 2017. Due to this, John understands the unique set of challenges each engaged couple faces, and he, along with his wife Tracey, strive to capture quality moments via camera for each couple's wedding day.  John Yang, the founder, is also experienced with the process of movie production. Due to this, he brings to the table a unique set of skill sets and knowledge he obtained by working on the set of the television show called The Full Bloom Show. Ran by Zillion Media Inc., the show was aired by Fox affiliates for a total of 3 seasons with over 100 episodes. With his knowledge of working in the entertainment industry, he hopes to bring to life your once-in-a-lifetime events with the quality and expertise that you would see in any Hollywood film, which would be specifically designed and captured for you. Let us create and bring our own version of Hollywood to life for you.


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